Shweta 'Cricket' Green is a Costume Designer from Bombay, India. She moved to the United States in 2013 and now lives in Pacific Northwest with her Cinematographer husband and their precocious toddler.

At age 6, Shweta declared to all who would listen, that she was going to be a fashion designer. Her curiosity for different cultures and tribes, their history, their lifestyle, their clothing and her love for travel led her to weaver's, dyer's, printer's and embroiderer's. She immersed herself in their traditions while learning their crafts. 

While still in college studying Fashion Design, Shweta was recognized for her innovative saree draping designs and hired by a Bollywood designer for a photoshoot. That designer saw promise in Shweta's work and urged her to collaborate on an upcoming Bollywood feature film. This move launched her journey into Costume Design. She soon moved on to International Films and the opportunity to work with critically acclaimed costume designers while learning the intricacies of the design process.

Shweta thrives on being an integral part in the filmmaking process from creating a character, to story telling through costumes. Shweta believes that in film making, every new day begins by presenting challenges, experiences and opportunities to flourish.